Plantar Fasciitis and ALL Pain from 3 Car Accidents Gone After Prayer - Paul Dabdoub

Paul Dabdoub (shared from facebook January 2014)

Was walking past a guy when I was dropping off my daughter who complained of pain from plantar fasciitis. I was like, "Hey I need to talk to you about that as soon as I drop off my daughter."

When I came back I told him I was a Christian and we see Jesus heal people all the time. He tells me that his worst pain is from a 3 car accidents where his hip and back were severely damaged. His movement is so limited that he uses one of those grabbing devices because he can't bend over. (And this guy is like mid 30's)

I got to pray for him and the presence of God dropped on him instantly. He was completely out of pain.

I saw him yesterday, and I can't even begin to describe the kind of joy and appreciation he had. He was injured in 2001 and been in pain every day since. He told me a list of things he got to do that he hasn't done in years.

Sometimes we as Christians can be so close to the love and grace of Jesus that it's so normal we don't feel it.

I love seeing people get loved by Jesus. It's simply incredible.