Bursitis and Nerve Damage Healed - John Mellor

John Mellor (testimony shared from facebook January 2014)

Yesterday a man came to our house to do some wallpapering. I had been praying that morning for an opportunity to pray for a sick person, so the wallpaper man seemed like a likely candidate. Before long Julie began to talk with him about what kind of work we do, and how we see people miraculously healed by God. He was interested, but went a bit quiet and kept working. Later in the day when he was almost finished, I prayed again for a chance to share with him before he left and as he was leaving Julie asked him if he needed prayer for anything. It turned out that he was suffering from painful bursitis in his shoulder plus nerve damage in his other arm with tingling in his hand.
He soon agreed to be prayed for, and as I laid my hands on him, Jesus totally healed him and all the pain and tingling left him! He was totally amazed and swung his arm around exclaiming, "All the clicking from my shoulder has gone as well!" We then had a great opportunity to talk about the reality of Jesus. What an awesome God we serve!!!
Jesus wants to use all of us to bring the reality of His wonderful Kingdom into a lost and broken world. Ask Jesus today to lead you to someone who needs a miracle!!