Parkinson's Disease Breakthrough Healing During Worship - Bethel

January.19.14 (testimony shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page on TGN website)

First-year BSSM student, Peewah, was diagnosed with Parkinson's five years ago and is contending for healing of a mobility issue, trembling and rigidity associated with it. But she is so happy because of the instant breakthrough she received recently that made it possible for her to walk long distances.

At the beginning of the school year, she had to use a wheelchair for convenience because it was hard to maneuver in the crowd or to walk long distances. Many days she could only walk a short distance and then needed to rest. Most of the time she needed someone to hold her hand while walking, even when using a walking cane. She also had trouble balancing.

On January 7, during the worship time at the Civic Auditorium after a teaching on divine healing, some students came and continued to pray for her. They asked her what she could not do. In the past, she would not have been able to get up by herself from a sitting position without someone pulling her out of the chair. After trying for a while, she managed to get up by herself. She had to strain very hard, praising God all the time, but she got out of the chair by herself. Then she did it a few more times, and it was easy those times.

They asked her if she wanted to walk, and she decided to. As she was sitting at the middle level in the auditorium, she walked up the steps, then veered to the side down the stairs at one end to the lower level, and took a loop around the lower level, and then she ran up the stairs on the other side. She did two rounds and at times was jumping with joy.

Then the rest of the school looked around and joined the commotion, and the whole auditorium was electrified, many with tears in their eyes, praising God. Peewah said, "I praised God because Parkinson's affects the strength of the body. I felt strength in my legs and body and the confidence to walk. I used to have a lot of fear to walk on smooth floors. I was not afraid to walk that day. I felt that day that God used me to walk for His glory!"

Three days after the breakthrough, she took a long walk from the Sundial Bridge up the trail towards the water tower on Hilltop Drive and back.

Peewah is still contending for complete healing and restoration of mobility, believing that what God has started, He will finish.

Note: So far, a handful of people have come and told her that while they were cheering for her, they, too, were delivered of their conditions—including someone who suffered from manic depression.