Blood Clot in Foot Clears After Prayer and Possible Amputation Called Off - Scott Purkey

Scott Purkey, Pastor of Freedom House Church in Brentwood, CA- submitted this exclusive testimony to TGN January 2014

Last week a few of us from the church visited a woman in the hospital who had a blood clot in her left foot. There was no circulation and the foot was cold. She was told if they couldn't get it to circulate she would have to have it amputated.

She put her leg on the side of the bed and we prayed for her with laying on of hands. As we declared the life to flow to her foot she said there it is. Later she said when you declared the word life a power started at the top of her leg and moved downward. A few seconds later her foot began to turn back to normal color and it was warm again.

God is so good! She is home from the hospital.