God Brings Student Money at Last Moment - Bethel


First-year BSSM student, Nellie Jenkins, was freed from a life of pain and hopelessness three years ago. This is her story of how God is miraculously providing for her this year.

"Growing up in poverty with a single mom, I was homeless 12 times from my birth to when I was 18. I've lost possessions. I've always been poor. There was a point in my life when I was a teenager when for a whole year we had nothing, no food. I went to my spiritual mom's house and had dinner. That's how I ate.

"I came to Bethel with enough money for about a month of living expenses and my first month's rent paid with the deposit, and I had enough money for about a month. On the first day of school, God said, 'Walk with Me to school.' I could feel His presence. He said, 'You are going to pray for other students.' Even though I didn't have money, myself, and needed $800 to get into the front door, I said OK. I did that. We were sitting on the stairs outside of the building. A whole bunch of us were praying and agreeing, and I got a notification that a thousand-dollar donation had come to my account!"

Nellie was trusting God for provision, knowing this year would be a difficult year of processing and healing for her, and she would need His help. She came with promises from the Lord that He would provide a certain amount, and she is seeing the fulfillment of that promise.

Through others, some who really do not know her or her need, the Lord has given her over $6000 to pay for her tuition, living expenses and mission trip.

She said, " The people who have helped me the most are the ones who have struggled themselves. My mom, whom I have never had a good relationship with, is sending me money, and we have a better relationship now. Through this whole process of all the breakthroughs and changes, someone who is not a believer sees the change in me. It's amazing because it is someone from the outside who has seen the really, really bad and now sees what God has done."