Man Could See Without Eyeball - Robert Coyne Miracle- Doctor Verified

Published on May 17, 2014 on youtube

Ronald Coyne was prayed for by a lady evangelist who didn't know he had a plastic eye. The evangelist prayed for him to receive his sight in Jesus' Name, and a miracle happened. From that time, he could see through an empty socket, with his "good" eye taped over in every way possible. This video was recorded from a TV show hosted by skeptics. We recorded this video over 20 years ago in Florida after my dad had the opportunity to meet Mr. Coyne. This VHS tape came into my possession recently, and I hope to preserve it here for posterity. Unfortunately, there is no more to this video. -David Spivey

In 1951, in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, seven-year-old Roscoe Ronald Coyne had his right eyeball surgically removed after an accident. Ten months later during a Miracle Tent Crusade being conducted by Evangelist Daisy Gillock, sister of World Evangelist Dr. T.L. Osborn, Ronald suddenly began to see through his empty eye socket as a result of SisterGillock’s prayer.  My wife, Barbara, worked for Dr. Osborn for nearly twenty years.  As a result she came to personally know Sister Gillock as well.

As a result of this spectacular miracle, Rev. Coyne traveled the world for the next 43 years of his life demonstrating what the Lord had done for him.  You may have seen him during one of his multiple TV appearances on Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera, Phil Donohue, That's Incredible, Sally Jesse Raphael, etc.  

Brother Coyne once told me that he always told these talk-show hosts, “I’ll come on your show and I’ll demonstrate this miracle.  However, you must allow me to tell the multitudes that Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone did this for me.  If you will not allow me to give glory to Jesus I simply cannot come on your program.”  Rev. Coyne also told me they never contested his demands.  Rev. Coyne is potentially responsible for leading multiple millions of souls into the Kingdom of God, by his TV appearances alone, through his faithful and shameless demonstration of this miracle.