Baby Raised From the Dead - TGN Exclusive - Don Lisle, Director John G Lake Ministry

TGN Exclusive Testimony

Don Lisle- Regional Director with John G Lake Ministry

Baby Raised from the Dead Monday Jan 6 2014 Bakersfield California

Acts 26 verse 8 says why do think its incredible that god raises the dead in every version. Last Monday I got to be part of the reality of this scripture.

I received a text about a baby that was stillborn no heartbeat. The text was from a Pastor Lenny Duval who is a DHT who said the baby was his wife's sister's grandson. A group of DHT's and I am sure others spoke life over this newborn. An hour later we learned Ethan's heartbeat had started but rapid.

We kept blasting the devil and found out the baby had a high fever also. One hour later we heard both of those symptoms were gone! But one thing remained, rapid breathing for Ethan and Mom Adelina had a high temp. Three hours later I received word Mom and Son both were normal and healthy. Last night he was released from a Bakersfield California hospital.