Hindu Boy Has Vision of Angels, Jesus and Satan - Jesus Wins - TGN Exclusive

  • testimony of Hindu boy who recently received Jesus as his Lord and Savior (TGN exclusive testimony)

    MY TESTIMONY TO GLORIFY THE LORD JESUS (01-01-14) >> I met with a person on fb some days before his name is wilson santos, we started sharing our exprerience, today on 1st jan he said he wants to pray for me, so when he was praying for me i was touched by the Holy Spirit & my body became warm especially my eyes then some clear incredible visions i received from which i saw many angels are coming from the sky & i felt their presence in my room aswell where i was praying after that i had an encounter with satan(in red color) he was looking so horrible he wanted to disturb me i was afraid then suddenly he started running here n there i was shocking what was going on then his size was increased more it seems that satan wants to harm me anyhow but i saw many angels in white along with a person in white dress as well when the white person appeared satan became dust & the white person stood on satan by their feet, when i see clearly what i saw the white man was Jesus, his feet were like golden & his hair was like as golden brown as written in Revelation 1:14, Jesus was standing like he was waiting for something on a particular area i asked Lord what do you want but there was no any reply from him, after all these visions i am feeling so much blessed & happy & amazing deliverance right now.. I really thankful to my Lord Jesus for fighting for me against satan.. To God all be the Glory AMEN !!!