Ankles Healed in Her Dream Becomes a Reality When She Woke Up - Adrienne Brown Borland - TGN Exclusive

  • Adrienne Brown Borland submitted her testimony to TGN 1/2/2014
  • At church Last sunday I wore my tall boots and during worship I got to dancing. Well those boots are made for walking not dancing! It stressed my ankles-they were really sore when I tried walking, I though i may have fractured them a bit. I have had weak ankles ever since 4th grade growing up playing soccer/basketball.
  • Well that night in a dream one of the father's in our revival group came to me and touched my ankles and when I woke up I just kept thinking strong ankles, strong ankles. I got up and jumped up and down and they were completely healed!!!

  • I also felt like God was stirring the hunger for healing in this man in our Revival group and to share what happened to be an encouragement if he was indeed going after healing. Sure enough I ran into him the next day at Starbucks---Divine Appointment. I shared the story with him and he said the week that he was planning next week when school starts back was to start serving in the healing rooms and was very encouraged!