Power of Prayer Changed Road Rage to Love - Elizabeth Reisinger

Elizabeth Reisinger (testimony shared from facebook January 2014)

I was driving to my host home in LA and my car suddenly died.. In the middle of the road... Yup completely blocking traffic. Numerous people were yelling and using choice words to express their frustration toward me( not knowing I was in a car that wouldn't start). One car honked repeatedly and I thought they might hit me just out of rage. She pulled up next to me and continued to scream at me and say I needed to stop blocking traffic(I thought for a sec she might let the full rage out right then and there).

I looked at her and calmly explained why I couldn't move and she sarcastically mocked me as if I was making it up. As she angrily drove off I prayed God would bless her & make her day better. About 5 min past and the SAME woman came toward the car,(to be honest... I thought she was going to hurt me at first) then I saw her eyes, they had softened she said "can I help you" I was in shock...was this the same woman!?

She explained as she drove away she had a thought "If that was my daughter how wld I treat her" I instantly teared up realizing God heard my prayer to bless her!! I explained what those words meant to me since my mom had died of stomach cancer and whenever things go wrong...I miss her. I then had a word of knowledge about her back pain, asked if I cld pray for her and she said "yes, I am a woman of God too". I instantly felt chills... Thank you God that she repented for the way she treated me, though many cursed me she came back and made it right when God told her too. Then she asked if I needed money, she gently recommended I exit the car because it was unsafe. I hugged her and genuinely felt the Fathers love! I am blown AWAY... God is so kind. As I waited for the car to work again I got to pray for 3 more people. God works all things together for the good of those who love HIM.