The Baby is ALIVE - Bethel

January.15.14 (shared from Bethel website January 2014- website link is on our connections page)

Laurin Lima is on staff at Iris ministries, and her husband, Rodrigo, is a first-year BSSM student. Laurin is nine weeks pregnant. On Monday, she started bleeding a lot and was very concerned about miscarriage. Their midwife scheduled her for immediate blood testing. The results given are generally very conclusive and often no further testing or ultrasound is needed. Each day the number is supposed to greatly increase, showing life. If the numbers at all decrease, it typically indicates end of life. On Thursday, they received the test results: the first day was 190K; the second day it decreased by half to 90K, indicating likely death of their child. The midwife said in her 30 years of delivering hundreds of babies, no child has lived with that kind of test result. Both husband and wife and a few friends prayed for supernatural resurrection power to fill the child and that the child would be raised from death. In faith, they got an ultrasound after praying.

The ultrasound showed a completely healthy, alive baby! The technician, midwife and all involved were amazed at the impossibility of the numbers the day before, and then seeing a live child. Praise God!