Owner Buys Boat After Idea is Birthed by God - Bethel

Dream Culture (testimony shared from facebook January 2014)

Autobody Business owner received prophecy that his ‘funny little ideas’ were really from God. He had a ‘funny little idea’ of owning a sprint boat team – “It looked like a lot of fun.” He purchased a boat and then God reminded him about the prophetic words when a Co-Labor business team went to pray in his business. Since then they consistently received highly profitable jobs, ending the year with a 312% increase over 2011. He paid cash for the boat and equipment. He painted the back of the boat with skulls representing our past. The thorns represent Christ dying on the cross. The candy red represents we are covered by the blood. The tip represents his blood that heals us and peels back the masks to expose the person God created us to be.

“When God births an idea the finances are no problem. The boat is called Fear Not. The number is 623 for Judges 6:23 - Fear not for you surely will not die.”

Fear Not Racing, Clint Birch, Class n Kustom Autobody, Canby, Oregon

Here is a picture of the boat!

Here is a picture of the boat!