Slipped Discs in Neck Healed During Worship - Bethel

January.10.14 (testimony shared from Bethel website-go to our connections page on TGN)

Here is a testimony from BSSM 1st year (Dec 17):

During worship there was a sweet sense of the Presence, and a number of students up at the front were having somewhat of a baptism of fire. We ended the time of worship praying for those needing healing. The students laid hands on one another, and about 30 to 40 people said they were experiencing healing. And roughly 10 students said they experienced healing of 80% or more. A young male student, Seth, testified on stage that he had been experiencing significant pain in his neck from two discs being out of place. During the ministry time, he felt the two discs in his neck move back into place. His range of motion drastically improved afterwards. Yea, Jesus!