Lump on Foot Instantly Disappears After Prayer - Millian Quinteros

Millian Quinteros (testimony shared from facebook January 2014)

Healing Testimony: Big Miracle tonight!! We got a lump to disappear from a woman's foot!! Here is what happened...we got a ministry call to visit with a family, and specifically the wife. She was an awesome young lady who was dealing with chronic upper back/neck pain from a narrow spine. First off, back pain was destroyed!! No necesito decir mas!!

The next thing was off the charts. She had an upcoming doctor visit in February to look at a lump on the pad of her foot. She said it felt like a bubble when she walked on it. We ministered to the foot, and just like that, instantly, the lump disappeared.

My friend Clare was ministering with me on this, and she was making most of this happen. When they saw this happen, she and her husband were ecstatic. We all just busted out in laughter from this, because it was just so cool to see!!

I ministered to her husband, and got his uneven leg to grow out , and we started to minister for a damaged finger that started to repair (little more work to go). However, tonight, we saw some seriously cool stuff from our JESUS!!

I am excited because it was the first time seeing a lump disappear instantly. We have gotten things to shrink over time, but this was on-demand, which is what we are always after!! Healings, miracles and even a little gold started showing up...Just too cool!!!