Scales Literally Fell From Her Eyes - TGN Exclusive with Pictures

Exclusive Testimony shared with The Greater News. Interview is below with pictures.


Brae, I have been privileged to become a trainer on inside out school. I did a class with a lady via phone since she was in my area. After class she did real good. She hailed from a baptist background and asked if I would pray for her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I said well sure, but we don't need to pray we just need to get you activated. After 10 minutes of some coaching and some discussion she spoke her prayer language.

The next day she found “this” plus one more on her as she was reading her newly gold dusted bible lol!!!! I believe it’s the scales from her eyes.. . She brought this one to me in a zip lock bag at church... lol!!! God is so cool!!!!

8/28, 8:03pm Brae Wyckoff

What does it look like or feel like? From the pic it looks like a contact or something. Give me more details.

8/28, 8:16pm Anonymous

It’s about like a dried up contact, but it has something like a rim around the edge. You can bend it and flex it.

A little bit bigger than the contacts I wear in circumference.

It’s foggy or translucent evenly thick except for the edges.

8/28, 8:17pm Brae Wyckoff

Is it plastic? Can you tell the material? This is so amazing if it really is scaled.

8/28, 8:17pm Anonymous

No it reminds me more of a dry skin. It’s a lot like a fish scale in its pliability.

8/28, 8:18pm Brae Wyckoff


8/28, 8:18pm Anonymous

Very light weight

8/28, 8:19pm Brae Wyckoff

Can I share this on TGN?

8/28, 8:21pm Anonymous

Sure I really don't have a paradigm to put it other than acts 9 and Paul.  When we first spoke about it I kinda had a knowing as she described it to me. That was all I could think about. I really believe that when she got filled with the spirit that caused it same as with Paul.

9/8, 1:20pm Anonymous

Okay, here are the pics I took of the scale today. Hope they are useful.

The very first thing I noticed about it today was in the roughly 2 weeks it’s been since it happened is that it has gotten smaller. I work with pizza ( circles ) in pizza terms a 10" pizza and a 10" pizza make a fourteen inch diameter pizza.

At a glance I'd say it has gotten about 25-35% smaller. This leads me to believe that it had a moisture or flesh like aspect to it previously.