Person Calls Police and Officer is Healed After Prayer- Tom Fischer

Tom Fischer 11/29/16 (post shared from facebook page)


Yesterday Ahava and I were persecuted by a fake believer who called the police on us. The officer who showed up was a strong believer of many years. He loved what we were doing with Cardboard Box Church and as it turns out, he needed healing in his shoulder and the Holy Spirit gave him a supernatural ice pack. Ice in the natural makes inflammation and swelling go away and so the Spirit will do it supernaturally. @ahavasarah

Christmas Miracle: Mom and Baby Both Die But Come Back To Life

On Christmas Eve, an expectant Colorado mom went into cardiac arrest during labor and died, along with her baby. But miraculously, both managed to revive. (Dec. 29)

Witch Doctor Encounters Jesus- Find Out What Happened Next- Chuck Parry

I met a woman today who was a witch doctor in a township in South Africa. Her people had been coming to the Healing Rooms and receiving miracles so she came to check it out. When she walked in she had an overwhelming encounter with God and said: "This Spirit is greater than all the spirits I have known." She surrendered to Jesus and her life is completely transformed! He is the Greater One!

Jesus Healed Deaf Ear From Birth Instantly and Psoriasis Overnight- Jesse Cupp

Amazing testimony about my new student at BSSM. See the before and after picture. These are for real!


My Miracle healing testimony!! Hey family just wanted to share and encourage. I have been deaf in my left ear all my life and I was 100% healed on Wednesday praise Jesus!!❤️ I also had psoriasis in my hand and foot since January this year I woke up this morning and my hand is clear!! 😁 I want to personal thank all my brothers & sister's in Christ Jesus and Jesse Cupp my Revival pastor that prayed for me!! 😍 I'm SO excited to see the incredible healing's and miracles He has for each one of you. I love you guys and am so looking forward to getting to know each one of you! You're amazing!!